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November 19, 2014 1:30 - 5:00pm
Plan NH Universal Design 101

Plan NH Universal Design 101 will introduce attendees to a shift in thinking about design – of buildings, of products, of public spaces, of communities – and its importance to supporting the quality of life for everyone.   As our population lives longer, and technological and medical advances enable “wounded warriors” and others to continue to be a part of our lives, the environments in which we live, work, and/or play  need to take into consideration the mobility, sensory and cognitive challenges that, actually, most of us will face at some time – whether temporarily or permanently. This is not just a “nice to have’, but critically important to the overall quality of life and the health and vitality of our communities as a whole.  Landscape architects have a vital role to play in creating public and private spaces, and this workshop will introduce you to ideas that, when considered in future designs, will enhance the experience of those spaces for years to come.


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November 21-24, 2014
ASLA Annual Meeting and Expo Denver, CO

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Ecological Landscaping Association hosts many interesting events and lectures throughout New England using landscape practices that are sound and ecological.


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Professional Practice Networks

PPN Online Learning is a series of webinars hosted by ASLA's Professional Practice Networks (PPNs). The presentations provide practicing landscape architects with information on new and evolving practices, new products and more.


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