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Landscape Architecture Registry Examination  (L.A.R.E)

Information & Resources

The L.A.R.E. is a four-part fully computerized examination designed to determine whether applicants for landscape architectural licensure possess sufficient knowledge, skills and abilities to provide services without endangering the health, safety and welfare of the public.

The L.A.R.E. is made up of the following sections:

Section 1:  Project and Construction Management
Section 2:  Inventory and Analysis
Section 3:  Design
Section 4:  Grading, Drainage and Construction Documentation

The Council of Landscape Architectural Registration Boards (aka CLARB) writes, administers, and grades the L.A.R.E. If you have any questions regarding the L.A.R.E. process or procedures, contact CLARB at

The ASLA wants to help guide you through the examination process and ultimately succeed in becoming a licensed landscape architect.  The ASLA has a number of resources on their website (ASLA Licensure Resources), which includes more information about the exam, suggested texts, and practice question.

The State of New Hampshire passed a practice law in 2006, requiring any Landscape Architecture professional be licensed with the state licensure board.  More information regarding the State's rules can be found on the Board of Landscape Architects website.

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